Lisbon, Maine dispatcher saves travelers in Lisbon, Portugal

LISBON news middle Maine — Cathy Roy has been a dispatcher for 22 years and in that point she has answered and handled some splendid abnormal calls.

while working on the Lisbon Police department, she acquired one that tops all of them. Roy changed into speaking to two girls who had been trapped in an elevator and mandatory help getting out.

The ladies pressed the emergency button however after 20 minutes, no one had showed up. in order that they Googled: Lisbon Police.

The ladies referred to as the quantity listed which changed into daftar poker in Lisbon, Maine. The issue was the women were trapped in Lisbon, Portugal.

Roy didn’t let that tiny fact get in the means.

She says the women were starting to panic and consider claustrophobic.

Roy jumped online herself and found the number for Lisbon, Portugal Police. despite a language barrier she became able to explain the circumstance and get aid on the style.

Roy became on the phone with the girls when emergency crews arrived. Roy says the two girls had been from the united states and on vacation in Portugal’s capitol city.

The ladies ended up being ravishing and that they now not only have a superb account to inform however they made a friend from Lisbon, Maine, while in Lisbon, Portugal.

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